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DW/LJ crosspost


modcloth, why have you abandoned me??

Melodrama aside, wow. I haven't ordered much from Modcloth since I got pregnant with Alec, but their dresses have changed big time in the past three years. When I ordered from them regularly they had tons of 50s' or pin-up style dresses: short sleeves, low necklines, fitted bodice, A-line skirts that went over the knee. The skirts were probably supposed to be tea-length on the average female, but still covered knees on my taller self.

Yeah, they've entered the 60s while I wasn't looking. Lots of shift dresses, high necklines, sleeveless, and way too short for me to sit and bend over in. I'm trying to find something for Christmas events with very little luck. Boo.

Though I am the proud owner of a Peggy Carter shirt and a pair of Alexander Hamilton socks...

Cry for help, ukrainian dancing edition

Does anyone know where I can find astrakhan/karakul/persian lamb looking fake fur? Or have any in their stash? I will pay in blood, or gold, or whatever.

I cannot make hats out of this floppy faux fur shit.

In reference to my last post

I had to wake Bruce up to tell him that someone was actually dumb enough to name a meal replacement Soylent.

He wondered out loud what flavor it was, then grinned and added "or does it vary from person to person?"

But is it people?!?!?

I kid you not. Here's a link to the FAQ for Soylent: https://faq.soylent.com/hc/en-us/articles/200836809-What-is-Soylent-.

I have no words.

Jan. 25th, 2016

Just had a lovely evening walk on a surprisingly mild and clear night, ending with a bit of a jog.

In other words, I spent an hour trying to find Grace the Wonder Dog after she broke her collar and escaped from the dog run.

Perspective is everything, right?

It's been snowing for the past six hours or so. But it's fairytale snow...it looks all silvery coming down, and is very light and fluffy on the ground. I've cleared the driveways and the cars twice, but in about ten minutes and with a broom. This kind of snow I don't mind too much!

Hope everyone's warm and dry tonight.

Jan. 14th, 2016

First David Bowie, now Alan Rickman. If Angela Lansbury is next I am dropping out of 2016.



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